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Who are we, anyway!

TLR Limited works with clients who are looking to increase sales and bring about greater awareness of their products and services within their chosen market sector.

In the servicing of new business clients TLR has the ability to bring about better liaison and closer client contact, resulting in improved understanding on all levels, to achieve the required ‘goals’.

Tina Robertshaw’s flare for marketing and business development was undeniably a significant contributor to the growth of the Millfold/Mico Group across England and Wales.

John Cox, Company Director and former CEO of Millfold/Mico Group.

GTI Direct is delighted to announce that they have embarked on a business partnership with TLR – To champion niche sector products and to enhance corporate sales for business advancement.

Martin Clayton, Managing Director of GTI Direct.
Tina Robertshaw

What we do

TLR Limited provides the following range of services to cater for the exact needs of the business client:

How we do it differently

In line with our business values, we provide a tailored service to cater for all our client needs.

  • Integrity: honesty and full adherence to the principles agreed and set out by the client.

  • Expertise: the skills and knowledge to ensure targets are met, whilst also adding business value.

  • Versatility: the capability to adapt and change to meet ever-changing business needs – a catalyst for change and a new lifeline for growth.

  • Influential: the ability to exert strong influence in the chosen business sector to maximise opportunity for sales and client growth, whilst always creating the right impression.

  • Loyalty: faithfulness to the business commitment and to all working partners.

  • Determination: determined and resolute to achieve business requirements, with a clear vision on all necessary decision making, throughout.

Case studies

TLR Limited brings a wealth of experience, having already succeeded in the mission to grow business sales for several companies previously. Here are some of them.

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If you require assistance with your business – however large or small – please contact us for further information and advice.

TLR Limited can provide you with immediate business solutions on how to rewrite the future of your business to reach your ‘goals’ to bring about the desired success – bringing stability to the future of your business with a professional, resourceful and knowledgeable approach.

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